While putting together last week’s paper, my second as editor, I was recalling an issue from when I was first hired by Highland Community News.

Then editor Charles Roberts hired me in anticipation of an upcoming vacation. He was marrying his wife Myrna on April Fools Day for the 42nd time, an annual tradition. The honeymoon fell on the same week as that year’s Citrus Harvest Festival and the Redland Bicycle Classic’s return to Highland, and it was one of my first chances as a fill-in editor.

The front page was particularly memorable filled with colorful and exciting photos of the two events, two of Highland’s biggest.

It was a front page I was very happy with, that is, until the morning after we sent it to the printer. We send our paper to printer Wednesday afternoons and that Wednesday night two people were discovered dead in an East Highlands Ranch home.

I learned of it Thursday morning and reported it on our website early that afternoon. But the report could not make the issue about to be delivered that night.

Friday morning I received calls from readers who were understandably upset at opening up their newspaper to find festival and sports on the front page with no mention of their neighbors’ deaths anywhere in the paper.

This year I was again starting a new job by reporting on the Redlands Classic and the upcoming Citrus Harvest Festival. (The festival program with map, event schedule and other information was printed in last week’s issue and will be available at the festival on Saturday.)

This year covering the festival has been particularly interesting as the Historic and Cultural Preservation Board, which leads in organizing the event, decided to alter the festival’s layout.

Every little detail was considered and debated in an effort to make changes that would update and revitalize the festival without subtracting from what people already love about it. And when concerns were raised by perennial participants, City Council and local businesses it was all discussed and decided again.

So come join the city for the familiar yet new experience that will be this year’s festival from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Saturday, March 30, at Palm Avenue and Main Street.

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