I’m Hector Hernandez, and I’m happy to be the new editor of Highland Community News. I have been have been reporting in Highland for about five years and love writing local news for a small town paper. I have especially loved getting to know Highland and its people while writing their stories.

I love writing local news because I feel readers are most invested in the news that’s happening right around them, across town, in their children’s schools and involving the people they know. It’s the news that has the greatest, most direct impact in out daily lives.

Highland Community News will continue to focus on reporting news and events focused in this community. I’m grateful for the opportunity to continue reporting Highland’s news in this new capacity. I’m also grateful for having had the benefit of working under to experienced editors as I gained my own experience.

Charles Roberts, who hired me, and James Folmer, who is editor of our company’s new weekly in Redlands, have each exemplified differing styles of reporting for me.

For Charles, it was all about cutting articles as short as reasonable for sharing the information in order to fit as many stories as possible within our page limits. James came from a long-form journalism background and loves going in-dept with larger packages. I’d like to continue with a blend of the two styles, keeping the center packages James introduced to the paper.

(This week’s center story, on the Redlands Bicycle Classic, is not quite in the center of the paper as we have a pullout program for the upcoming Citrus Harvest Festival scheduled for 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 30.)

I hope to see you out around Highland, and feel free to write letters to the editor@highlandnew.net. You can also send photographs. It’s great to have pictures of you and your kids in the local paper.

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