It’s all about preparation.

Any responsible workman knows the rule: Have the skill and experience, the tools suitable for the task, and the plan of action to get the job done.

And possibly, the most important tool is a good attitude toward the job.

Whether it’s running for office, getting ready for retirement, or just going to work for another day, be ready for what the day demands, and tackle it with a smile.

An important preparation for any job is the education, the foundation to support what comes next.

While Common Core or trigonometry may not seem to make sense, the process of thinking the problem through is fundamental to gaining the experience necessary for any job.

Even becoming a city council member, a county supervisor, and especially a member of the state assembly or senate or national office deserves and demands preparation.

It takes careful consideration of the laws, the protocol, the issues, and even the fundraising to be successful.

You wouldn’t begin a long journey with an empty gas tank.

Neither should you take on a job for which you are not prepared.

You will not only find yourself in confusion and disarray, but those around you will soon recognize your lack of preparation, and failure is the ultimate end.

So we remind students, “Commencement” is just that: the beginning, not the end. It’s a place to start, and your education is the basis for everything that comes after.

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