Congressman Paul Cook, who represents Highland and desert areas and has made himself so scarce his picture has been posted on milk cartons in the Victorville area, is lobbying for the reduction or elimination of the Mojave Trails National Monument, as well as the Castle Mountains National Monument, among others.

The Mojave Trails National Monument includes the controversial Cadiz aquifer, a water supply Los Angeles would like to have.

It’s interesting that the former Cadiz lawyer, David Bernhardt, was confirmed as deputy interior secretary on July 31. That’s only second to the secretary of the Interior Department.

Cook has gone to bat for Cadiz, and also wants to diminish the size of the Castle Mountains National Monument.

This despite the 2.7 million people who submitted comments, almost 1,300 from Cook’s district. Key-Log Economics says 99.2 percent of the comments supported keeping the national monuments intact.

But since the monuments are in Cook’s district, his Republican Congressional friends probably will support his position.

The Administration has made its position clear: eliminate the protections. So millions of people (most of them voters) probably will be ignored for the sake of inside politics and Cadiz money.

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