While the condition of streets and freeways is a common complaint among drivers throughout the state of California, the streets of Highland have seen significant improvement in the past few years thanks to the city’s aggressive pavement management plan.

It’s an effort that has not gone unnoticed and unappreciated by many Highland residents who are beginning to speak up with remarks of praise about the city’s streets during community events and public meetings. It’s been a noticeable change from the days when complaints about streets were more common.

It was in 2015 that a study of the city’s streets graded the city 71 of 100. This mark was a passing C and better than the state average grade of 66, but the city wanted to do better.

About a year later, September 2016, the city approved 5-year and 10-year programs to increase the city’s investment in its streets. The city committed to spending more than $15 million in the first five years and an additional $6.5 million in the final five years. To supplement this effort the city also continued its pursuit of grants for the funding of additional roadway projects.

The work began on the west side where the streets were older and the need for repair direr, but projects are now making their way to the east side streets, now beginning to show their age.

Some of the larger, more visible projects have been the repaving of Base Line and Victoria Avenue, but neighbor streets are also getting attention.

These projects may mean inconvenience of traffic diversions and temporary parking difficulties but most appreciate that they result in safer driving conditions and more appealing neighborhoods.

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