We applaud Gilda Gularte for challenging longtime Councilman John Timmer in District 4 in the center of Highland. And we’re disappointed that nobody took on Councilwoman Anaeli Solano in District 2, who coasted into her second term.

That’s not meant to be critical of Solano, it’s just that democracy works best when candidates are challenged and issues are debated.

We agree with Gularte that council meetings should be televised or live-streamed. Greater civic involvement is worth it. But Gularte has little experience in city affairs. We encourage her to serve on committees and learn the ins and outs.

Timmer has plenty of experience and deserves to remain on the council.

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Dear Mr. Editor,

As a very long time resident of the city of Highland ( in comparison to you), your opinion (yes you have the right to express it) is perplexing to me.

In my opinion, you and the HCN should not really be endorsing any candidates in general. I think you should be neutral and unbias so that the Highland paper can remain fair and factual.

You should be encouraging a challenger such as Ms. Gularte, and by all means encourage a fair and honest, open discussion of the issues that concern the residents of Highland. There are many issues: desperately needed neighborhood street maintenance repair (west and east of the 210 freeway), addressing the criminality and the increased homelessness in the area, encouraging and soliciting more businesses, slow down housing and apartment development, improving the landscaping of present businesses who are neglectful, clean up the illegal trash dumping in and around the city and especially on the connecting road between Highland and Redlands (Orange St.). These are just a few concerns that I hear about from other residents.

Yes, we need computer streaming or TV access to city council meeting. We need our district 4 representative to hold open meetings with residents. I still have not seen Mr.Timmer schedule any such meetings before the election. If he has done so, I have not heard about them. As the editor, you should be encouraging and supporting these type of meet and greets, asking questions meeting.

Perhaps Highland needs term limits for the district representatives. Mr. Timmer had been in this position way too long. Perhaps he could step down and become a mentor for a new district representative.

You are "new blood" to the paper and to the city (please correct me if I am wrong. How many years have you lived in the city of Highland? I have been living here before and after the creation of the city).

I have seen quite a bit on the state of our city.


Editors of newspapers across our country have a rich history of endorsing political candidates. Questioning Folmer's and the HCN's endorsing of Timmer is, at best, weak.

When you compare both candidates it is very clear Timmer stands head and shoulders above Gularte both physically and figuratively. I would encourage you to review of the statements made by Gularte and see if they make any sense to you.

I will provide you one example. This is a quote directly from her website. "I can and will stand up for our residents rather than corporate profit." What exactly does this mean? How does corporate profit relate to the City of Highland? Gularte has made other comments about corporate profits that lead the voters to believe she in anti-business!

My point is Gularte is unknown, unqualified, unproven, untested, anti-business and would be the absolute wrong choice for D4 and the City of Highland.

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