James Folmer

Maybe this column is too late to bring up voter turnout. Most Highland residents who planned to vote in the first place have done so already. In the 2016 presidential election, 57.30 percent of county voters sent mail-in ballots. And the deadline to register was 10 days ago.

But it has become a tradition in the four decades I’ve been writing editorials. We just have to give it one final push.

In that 2016 election, 75.77 percent of registered voters actually voted.

That sounds good compared to off-years when rates drop into the 20s.

Even that robust election left 215,148 San Bernardino County residents who bothered to register but didn’t bother to vote.

Some may have moved and neglected to notify the registrar. Some may be on vacation or so involved in personal problems that voting sinks in their list of priorities. But I’d bet plenty of voters have left their mail-in ballots in a stack of papers and just didn’t find time to fish it out and vote.

Last week’s editorial backing the re-election of John Timmer to the Highland City Council prompted some readers to question whether the Highland Community News should take a position.

“I think you should be neutral and unbias (sic) so that the Highland paper can remain fair and factual,” said a comment from “Janedoe.”

I appreciate Jane Doe’s concerns. We’re a small paper with one editor and one reporter. In addition to “just” being editor, I’m a reporter, photographer, page designer, copy editor, editorial writer and columnist.

But I’ve done this for many years, without letting an editorial color my news writing. Furthermore, a community newspaper has an obligation to take a stand on community issues. Few are more important than who sits on the City Council.

I’ve covered every council meeting in the past 10 months and had conversations with both candidates. I’m confident that our endorsement on the Opinion page will not impact facts or fairness on our News pages.

Remember, if you don’t vote by Tuesday, don’t complain on Wednesday.

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