April 21, 2020

I wrote a letter last week questioning the enforcement of the mandatory mask law. Unfortunately, you were unable to print it because I was unwilling to have my name included and per the paper's policy; names must be included. I accepted that. I also thought that maybe I was a bit "eager" in wanting enforcement; as the sheriff discussed education over enforcement. Well, it's been now close to two weeks since the law went into effect and I'm tired of watching people disobey the law. Case in point - I was at a Highland store yesterday that has been extremely busy. I'd say that there were more than 150 customers at this location. It is rather large - so I felt that social distancing was being observed. Everyone I saw had a facial covering on. While in line, a customer walked in with no facial covering. I stated loudly, "You have to have a facial covering on." His look of disgust was evident and as he made a hand gesture toward me; that began an exchange of vulgarities between the gentleman and myself. Many employees witnessed this exchange and did nothing to tell the customer that he was, in fact, breaking the law. He simply walked through the store with no care.

Now, working in retail, I understand their predicament. I'm assuming most retailers and businesses are instructed not to "confront customers to enforce this law." When will customers begin to react as I did if this law is not enforced? What if that exchange turns from verbal to physical? We have been told to wear facial coverings not only to protect ourselves, but to protect others. If everyone doesn't follow the law - wearing facial covers is pointless.

When people take to the streets and highways - those that don't follow the rules of driving cause the accidents. When does this mandatory law become enforceable? If I'm on the freeway and see a drunk driver; I call 911. That may save Hector Hernandez, who is driving home at the time.

If our residents are OK with people entering businesses without facial coverings; then this letter is for naught. But if Highland residents agree that they're tired of seeing the same disregard for the law as I am; maybe we can see an article in the Community News stating that our dedicated local law enforcement will begin enforcing this law - to protect everyone, not just the law abiding residents.


Joe Baumbach


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First of all, no law has been passed, These are all "recommendations" and "mandates", So how do you honestly want to "enforce" this? And new information coming out is the easing of the restrictions and the phases each state and county are working with, that does not justify your wanting "enforcement." How much more of our Constitutional rights are you demanding we lose?

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