It was a sad day when Hector called me and said the Highland Community News is closing.

I had been editor of the newspaper until I chose to retire at the age of 85, turning the reins over to [Editor James Folmer] and Hector, who I had hired as a hard-working reporter before my retirement.

It takes hard work, regardless of the hours, lack of sleep, working through holidays and overall dedication to the truth and the product. And, even then, there is no guarantee of success.

But the news brought back many memories of the responsibilities of bringing out a newspaper every week that was both newsy and entertaining.

News of Sheriff Floyd Tidwell and Laura Bradbury, memories of the rise of East Valley Water District and the job of mayor of Highland switching from Larry McCallon to Penny Lilburn and back again several years.

There were faces and places, the joys and disappointments, the pressure of putting out personal opinions and experiences every week.

I learned at my retirement that many people liked me, professionally and personally, even though I disappointed a lot of politicians along the way.

The news business is not an easy job and not always rewarding financially.

It takes a lot of love and dedications, and, as Hector and I both learned, there is no guarantee of success.

As I moved on to become a volunteer driver for the Highland Senior Center and Hector moves on to be the editor of the Banning-Beaumont branch of Century News Group, the world continues to spin and we must roll with the punches. Someone gave me a coffee cup that says, “It is never too late to be what you might have been.” I wanted to be a service to the community and I believe I did that as editor of the newspaper and now as volunteer at the senior center.

Charles Roberts


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