John Timmer is our family choice for re-election to the Highland City Council.

John and his wife Carol are a dedicated couple helping all of the residents of our community. John served in the U.S. Army in 1970 and 1971.

During the formation of the new city of Highland, he was always in a leadership role. Outsiders referred to us as “the city that would fail.” They were wrong!

The people of Highland wanted a new city and a City Council that would fulfill their needs — no apartments, no debt, good long-term planning and the rebuilding of the western portion of Highland. Highland has succeeded with limited revenue, just a lot of help from a lot of people. John supported our vision — a contract city, negotiate with existing public agencies, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department and Cal Fire. Trash collection and street cleaning, all submitted out for competitive bids. Get the lowest possible price with no increase in city staffing. The city motto is, “If you don’t have the money, you will not spend!”

Vote for John. He will continue moving Highland forward, making our city a place to be proud of with good schools, a great place to raise our children and a safe community.

Dennis Johnson, former Highland City Councilman and the city’s first mayor

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Thank you Mr. Johnson for sharing your opinion and thank you for your service as mayor in the early years when the City of Highland was being established.

Many years have passed since you were the mayor of Highland and the needs of our city have expanded beyond negotiation of trash and county sheriff/police services, etc..

In regards to how the government/running of the City of Highland, I have some major and serious concerns which I believe I have the right and moral responsibility to express since I have lived in our city all my life. Here are the following concerns:
1. I live in District 4 and I am still waiting for Mr. Timmer to schedule some open district 4 "meet and greets" so he can listen to district residents concerns in person. When will this happen. I have met his opponent Ms. Gularte when she walked door to door meeting residents in District 4. This is the 21st century and despite the technology of email and phone messages, Mr. Timmer should come out into the community (outside of his local church attendance/volunteering and volunteering at the local library-endeavors that are appreciated and worthy). There is a degree of arrogance and pretentiousness when I don't see incumbents "walking the pavement" or scheduling a district meeting to see what residents identify as issues and needs for the city.

2. Our city council needs to actively solicit viable businesses such as large restaurants, stores such as Sprouts, Trader Joe's, Clark's ( alternative grocery stores) and family entertainment-movie theater to our area. The city has too many fast food sites, nail and hair service businesses. Stop soliciting more houses and high density apartments.

3. Our neighbor streets in district 4 are a disgrace. They need maintenance and repair. Perhaps the city needs to invest in its own street repair team as opposed to contracting these services out to someone else.

4. Just because our region in constantly in a drought state and water conservation in occurring, doesn't mean that city businesses /strip mall property landscaping (for example the landscaping around Walgreen's -Baseline and Boulder)has to look so terrible and unattractive. There needs to be a team of volunteers or have city staff wear multiple hats and address this issue and work with current businesses clean up and make the property look presentable and inviting.

5. Work with the San Bernardino County transit system to get more seating, shade covering, larger trash cans at bus stops, and in general maintenance of bus stops.

6. Highland has experienced an increase in crime ,and the beginnings of a homelessness situation (yes it is in the early stages of being addressed) which needs to be addressed further.

These are just of few of the concerns that I have. There is such a thing as "good debt" and "bad debt". There is plenty of potential work to be done in the City of Highland. I think our district representatives need to start speaking directly to residents in their district.

If one is a council person who doesn't like or believe in the district representative system, then that person should retire and let others (new blood) become part of the solution (to city concerns and needs).

Lynnette Mc Dermott

[thumbup] John Timmer has always been there for the good of Highland. Don''t forget how his expertise helped us save Highland during the big fire a few years ago. He is a true American and patriot, who will support his community & country.

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