April 17, 2020

The writers, Hector Hernandez Jr. and Jason Miller, do not take into account that our entire nation, not only our city, county or state, is facing an unprecedented health threat. In these extraordinary circumstances public safety must take precedence over individual rights. It is more important than ever to be sure we vote for candidates who will balance safety for the community with our economic and personal freedom. At this moment, and for the foreseeable future, community safety from COVID-19 transmission must be the first consideration of public officials. It appeared to me that your opinion writers were arguing to weaken that proposition. I do not think you benefit your reading public by doubting the necessity of cooperating with social distancing requirements.

Leslie Harris Soltz


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I am very bothered by the comments on April 17th, although this person is correct that this pandemic is unprecidented, it makes no sense to quarantine the healthy, to stop a pandemic you quarantine the sick or the compromised. Someone (for example) with asthma should be wearing a mask, and stay at home. Someone on Chemo should stay home way from others and wear a mask, but it makes no sense to completely shut down our country and cause undue stress and loss of jobs, Even to loss of life from suicide over loss of livelihood. How many people are starving because of this lockdown? It is cruel and unusual punishment to lock everyone down at this time and a bit dictatorial and communistic to demand continuing this now that the curve has been flattened and the goal has been met.

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