Councilman John Timmer
Challenger Gilda Gularte

Why support John Timmer?

My name is Gloria Henley and I live in the 4th District. I’ve been very disappointed with the outcome on several issues.

I understand that your paper supports John Timmer and would like to know why. He voted for the 20-year Burrtec Contract “deal” and has supported the Harmony project, even though we have defeated Harmony in court, they’ve found loopholes to bypass the voters and community has now lost the ability to have a say on an issue we’ve already expressed of desires regardng this project for our community.

Harmony will end up costing “us” higher taxes and very likely even special assessments, higher water and utility cost and infrastructure cost.  The Burrtec contract wasn’t put out for bid, (illegal) we had no say in it being put into our property taxes — this will effect some of our house notes and that makes a difference for us retirees and us on fixed income.

We need transparency, we need someone who’s interested in our voice, and not making statements like “we tell them (voters/community) what to do not them telling us” (paraphrased).

There are other issues such as forcing small businesses to close, not being willing to come into the modern media age and have the meetings televised, which would go a long way toward transparency. We need someone with a fresh new, open perspective and attitude to represent the 4th District.

Gloria Henley, Highland

Reject Gularte’s liberal agenda

As most everyone knows, there is a race for the Highland City Council in District 4 between incumbent John Timmer and the unproven and unknown Gilda Gularte. For all intents and purposes, District 4 covers the geographical area from Church Avenue on the east end, west to State Route 210. The results of this race have the potential to impact not only the citizens of District 4 but every single one of us who call Highland home.

Some will argue partisan politics have no place in city government. The role of a city council should be to put partisanship aside and collectively do what is best for the city and her citizens. The sad reality is partisan politics have made its way into local governments and it is here to stay.

The Democrats have done a good job infiltrating all levels of government, large and small, across our country, from school boards to water boards, judgeships, municipal governments etc., all in an effort to advance the liberal agenda and change our culture and way of life.

Highland is no exception. Currently, our City Council consists of three Republicans (Timmer, Penny Lilburn and Larry McCallon) and two Democrats (Jesse Chavez and Anaeli Solano). The millennial Democrats, Chavez and Solano, were elected in 2016. Solano is up for re-election this year, however, she went uncontested and will retain her seat.

If the unknown Gularte defeats Timmer this will shift the political make up of our City Council to three Democrats and two Republicans until 2020 when all five seats will be up for election. While two years may seem like a relatively short period of time, much damage can be inflicted on our city and we should not want to take this risk!

As a frequent vocal critic of our city leadership, I have my issues with Timmer. However, these issues absolutely pale in comparison to what our city will encounter should Gularte get elected!

I urge those of you in District 4 to vote FOR Timmer as your council representative and REJECT Gularte!


Mark E. Falcone, Highland

Gularte will be an asset on the council

Gilda Gularte will be a continued city asset, but even a greater new asset to the citizens and the city of Highland as councilwoman. She brings a continued fresh face to the City Council with her progressive goals and community involvement.

John Timmer has been around for many years. Maybe he has been consumed by big developers. Timmer mentions that housing is needed, however, real affordable housing is what’s needed. He didn’t change his mind on the Harmony project, he merely pulled his approval and wants a new plan submitted. The long-term concerns of the citizens are still there, they were just delayed.

Highland needs more large restaurants and consumer businesses.

We shouldn’t have to go to Redlands or San Bernardino for the movies and  a family night out. We need to improve our infrastructure and roads around the entire city, not just east side of Highland.

Gilda will be transparent open to greater community involvement.

I love her idea about televised or online streamed council meetings. There is almost no cost to that with social media.

The council needs a continued growth of fresh new leaders. Timmer didn’t have prior council experience when he first ran so that in itself is not a disqualifying requirement to be a successful council member,

Let’s vote for change in November. Highland residents in District 4, elect Gilda Gularte to the Highland City Council.

Henry Salazar, Highland

Be thankful that Timmer is running

I have known John TImmer for more than 25 years. He is an honest and caring person.

John has always had the interest of the entire community foremost in his concerns and actions. He cares about the entire community and not just part of it.

He has served Highland well as both a planning commissioner and council member.

We are fortunate he is willing to continue to serve.

I support John Timmer for City Council.

Sam Racadio, Highland

John Timmer has had his chance

Gilda Gularte has my vote for Highland City Council District 4. Gilda has a vision for the city. Timmer may have had a vision 26 years ago but the Highland Community News endorsing him based on his experience is laughable.

Let that sink in: 26 years. His vision has apparently included: no businesses or decent tax base, increased crime — with the worst San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department service contract in the county — increased traffic, schools that are overflowing, poorly utilized and/or misused open spaces, lack of parks and community services. The list goes on.

Improvements under Timmer? I’ve seen improvements to the Immanuel Baptist compound that he attends and lots of new fast-food restaurants. This will not sustain a city. Especially when with Timmer’s support this council sold out the citizens of this city to developers on the Harmony project. Where is the community benefit agreement? There isn’t one.

Highland needs a vision. Gilda has that vision. Gilda’s vision includes obtaining alternate sources of revenue for the city to combat the very real revenue problem that current city leaders have refused to address responsibly. Gilda has the the integrity, knowledge and dedication to help guide our town in a sustainable direction while keeping the small town community feel that Highland had 20 years ago.

I’m a 21-year Highland resident and a proud member of Teamsters Local 1932. I’m proud to support and vote for Gularte for Highland City Council District 4.

Susan K. Carl, Highland

Timmer is trustworthy

I’ve known John Timmer for 20 years and I trust him to make decisions on my behalf on the City Council.

He is dedicated to making Highland the best it can be. He is honest and trustworthy and will listen to all sides of an issue.,

John Timmer deserves your vote and mine.

Rose Reeder, Highland

Gilda Gularte will listen to the people

Gilda Gularte’s priorities are residents’ safety, fiscal integrity, “smart” balanced growth, and quality of life.

She opposed the destructive, poorly planned Harmony project that Councilman John Timmer approved, helping to stop it. She opposes the Timmer-approved 20-year Burrtec contract giving them a monopoly shielding them from accountability to residents and after he accepted campaign donations in the past. Helping Burrtec collect their bills will raise our property tax bills and their fees will continue to rise.

Timmer approved the two new fast-food joints on Base Line on a small, prime location where residents have repeatedly asked for a quality, family oriented sit-down restaurant.

With no entrance on Base Line, and no sidewalks across the street on Seine and Catalpa avenues and Messina Street, this is an accident in the making.

The street should have been widened and sidewalks installed during construction. I see children walking to school and back nearly hit by traffic.

Timmer and the Planning Commission ignored my plea to correct these dangers. Would they allow this if their children lived here? We need Gilda to fight for Highland residents’ safety and intelligent, balanced development. Please vote for Gilda!

Richard Garcia, Highland

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So, lets take a look at City Council candidate for D4 Gilda Gularte.
One of Gularte’s top three key campaign tenets is “transparency”. Seems like transparency is the buzz word in all political campaigns these days.
On her website, Ms. Gularte calls herself a “non-partisan” However, Gularte is the VP of the fledgling Highland Democratic Club and is supported by the Young Democrats of San Bernardino County and other democrats as well as the ultra-liberal Sierra Club.

The so called “non-partisan” Gularte desires to bring a “progressive perspective to improve the lives of the residents of Highland”. This clearly demonstrates Gularte will impose her liberal values on the citizens of this city!
Make no mistake, Gularte is a hard core liberal. Why then would Gularte espouse transparency yet call herself a non-partisan?

Well, she is either lying to all of us and/or she is trying to hide from her core liberal values, and/or she will say anything to get elected or all of the above. I’m going with all of the above.

Gularte is quoted as saying “I can and will stand up for our residents rather than corporate profit”. Uh, what the heck does this even mean? This is one of many liberal talking points Gularte regurgitates. It only means one thing, Gularte is ANTI- business!!

You don’t believe me? I direct your attention to yet another quote by Gularte. Gularte would like to do the following, “Converting the currently outsourced city services – including road maintenance, sidewalks, and waste – to utilities. Diverting corporate profits to city coffers.”

Note the very last sentence of this quote. Corporate profits are taboo in the liberal world. Again, Gularte is ANTI-business!! We have enough personnel at city hall who are anti-business!! We do not need another one!

A candidate for the Highland City Council cannot call for the “implementation of a sustainable local economic growth and support of small business” as one of their top three priorities and then invalidate and abrogate “corporate profits”. This clearly demonstrates Gilda Gularte is a confused candidate and the wrong choice for the City of Highland.

In a lame attempt to appear like she is pro-business, Gularte believes industries like renewable energy and technology can keep the City of Highland from insolvency. What does Highland have to offer these companies?

It’s yet another regurgitation and reminds me of the idiotic and moronic pipe dream Community Development Director, Larry Mainez, uttered to our Chamber of Commerce back in September 2017, when he stated the City of Highland would be a perfect fit for the headquarters of Amazon.

Our city does NOT need those who are UNKNOWN, UNPROVEN, UNTESTED, UNQUALIFIED and who are ANTI-business, LACK transparency and who espouse everything liberal.

Vote NO on Gilda Gularte! The WRONG choice for Highand!!


Anything is better than the John Timmer mindset of "Fast Food Joint" business development! I am sure Mr. Timmer was a good fireman....but he is not a businessman....look at Redlands, Yucaipa, Rancho Cucamonga..better yet drive thru those cities. Now they have good business development. Gilda will do just fine and many of us "conservatives" will help her!


MEF - relecting John Timmer AGAIN is like the Albert Einstein definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting the same result. NUTS. You want MORE fast food joints?


So, let’s who has contributed to the self described Non-Partisan, campaign of Gilda Gularte.

Well, for starters, there is Highland City Councilman Chavez (D) for $100

The Democratic Luncheon Club for $100

Eloise Reyes (D) for CA Assembly 2018 for $250

UFCW local 1167 for $500

Teamsters Local 1932 for $2,000

It’s rather telling from the above Ms Gularte is neither transparent or a non- partisan!

Ms Gularte, stop hiding from your liberal ways!!


With Machiavelli's principles, we are now faced with the issue whether the desired ends is justified by the means used to achieve them. ... If both the means and the ends are equally noble and good, there is no question because the ends are justified by the means. MEF....EVERY student of politics knows that every politician uses ALL resources available. If you want to use Gilda's contributors as the BOOGYMAN go ahead.....the registered voters in Highland are smarter that that. Go read Machiavelli! What was true in the 1600's is true today.


John Timmer claims the City has not debt? What about the $59M in unpaid "Redevelopment Monies???" John Timmer supported the HARMONY Project that would have required a $1BILLION dollar bond to finance the infrastructure because Orange County and the developer Lewis Development refused to invest any of THEIR monies and could not get ANY private investors to invest money.....instead Mr. Timmer was all in on LET THE LOCAL PROPERTY OWNERS be the guarantor of the BOND. Gee what happened to John Timmer's "The City has NO debt?"


John Timmer is not trustworthy. John took $2000 in campaign contributions from Cole Burr, CEO of Burrtec and Tracy Burr Vice President of Burrtec, and then refused to RECUSE himself from the BURRTEC CONTRACT vote last summer and claims the City Attorney Craig Steele told him he could vote......everyone needs to ask Craig Steele "What California Statute did he rely on to advise John Timmer not to recuse himself from the BURRTEC Contract vote?"


The obvious question is: "How much campaign monies have been paid by BURRTEC to Council Members Lilburn and McCalllon?" Better yet let's look at all of the campaign monies paid by Lewis Development, Burrtec and everyone else too?


John Timmer has not told you that the alleged FREE firestation that Lewis Development was going to provide as part of the Harmony Project was going to be named after John Timmer...…..but read the fine print in Exhibit G of the Development Agreement...later Lewis Development could get reimbursed for the "free firestation." Ask John Timmer about that one!


John Timmer's support of the Harmony Project clearly shows he does not understand development 101 and the court's ultimate nullification of Harmony due to legal concept of "LEAPFROG" development issues. Leapfrog development is defined as the development of lands in a manner requiring the extension of public facilities. The development is made from their existing terminal point through intervening undeveloped areas that are scheduled for development at a later time.
Leapfrog development is also referred as urban sprawl as the development of lands in a manner requiring the extension of public facilities. In addition the services are extended on the periphery of an existing urbanized area where such extension is not provided for in the existing plans of the local governing body.[ Foster v. Anable, 199 Ariz. 489 (Ariz. Ct. App. 2001)]. Harmony was conceptualized 7 years ago and no one had a clue, including John Timmer, that "LEAPFROG" development is a "house of cards?" Go take a real estate development class.


Seems to be like Patriot and other supporters of the non-partisan, anti-business Gularte, are stuck in old news. Harmony is sooo yesterday.

Tell me what Gularte will do for Highland. Tell me what Gularte stands on the SNRC. Tell me why she believes taking corporate profits to fill city coffers would be a great thing. Tell me what green energy companies she plans to bring to Higjland. Tell me why calls herself a non- partisan but yet espouses transparency. Tell one specific detail about her viable plan to improve the lives of residents of Highland.

Oh, and try and respond in email rather than a few sentences in serveral emails


MEF - Harmony is not so yesterday. Judge Donald Alvarez is still waiting on the 5 attorneys negotiating the final settlement to file and submit it to his court for any review and approvals later this month.


MEF - Judge Donald Alvarez hopefully will make an order requiring "continuing jurisdiction" for any future Harmony Proposal by the City AND the Judge should also make an order requiring pursuant to state law "reversion to acreage" and the February 2018 caselaw on this issue in "Save Lafayette" so that will take 12 -18 months into the 2020 election cycle.


MEF - John Timmer is avoiding the registered voters so he does not have to answer questions for his supporting Harmony!


MEF - Harmony is on Judge Donald Alvarez calendar for later this month, he is waiting on the 5 attorneys to file and submit the final settlement so he can make his court orders to nullify and return Harmony back to the City!


MEF - the registered voters in Highland will never approve any revised Harmony Project that will require a $1BILLION dollar Mello Roos!


MEF - Judge Alvarez will most likely issue a court order requiring continuing jurisdiction in the event the City thinks they can make another run at Harmony and the City must comply with California law on the issue of reversion to acreage" for the 1,657 acres.


MEF - Gilda will consider all proposals made by staff at the City and vote on the issue,


MEF - on the SNRC issue WE ALL have no idea how much of the "recycled water" POURED into the ground at City Creek will ever reach the "water table" i.e. Bunker Hill Basin. The 3 private consultants reported in the June 2017 Draft Engineering report in Section 6.1 City Creek "the water has a POSSIBILTY of reaching the water table." A potential $140M boon doogle that must be repaid by the local ratepayer?


MEF - corporate profits? We have business license fees and get business taxes....where do you see "corporate taxes" in the City's budget?


MEF - we have a gameplan for "green companies" in Highland. Wait and see. On the other hand John Timmer is a supporter of "Roof Tops" or housing but NO BUSINESS SCHOOL even knows what "Roof Tops" mean?


MEF - every politician talks "transparency."


Serrano- for someone who backs and supports Gularte you do not have a clear grasp of what she supports. Review her comments that are posted throughout social media and you will see she hates corporate profits with which she wishes to fill city coffers. Not my words but hers. I said nothing of corporate taxes.

Since you failed to answer any of my questions I can only assume you are seeking answers. As far as your game plan goes...enough of he platitudes. Give us some meat and details!!

Oh and by the way, a little off topic but nonetheless, did you come out on the
losing end of the SNRC?


Carpet Cleaning Guy - my only concern regarding the SNRC are costs. Many of the local residents cannot afford excessive utility costs.

1. Former EVWD Board President Coats was quoted in July 2016 HCN at a Chamber meeting that SNRC costs would be $127M TOPS,

2. today the Board approved max costs are $140M but EVWD will not disclose an "amortization schedule" for the $140M or terms of the payback loan?

3. The truth is that no ratepayer served by EVWD will be drinking any "recycled water" as we were originally promised because the "recycled water" is being dumped back into the ground at City Creek. I agree we should recharge the Bunker Hill Basin BUT the 3 consultants for the June 2017 Draft Engineering Report for the SNRC have simply stated in the report that the recycled way has the possibility of reaching the water table....but will not confirm HOW MUCH RECYCLED water will reach the water table,

4. So yes so in terms of full disclosure I have not been successful to get all of the numbers for the SNRC but the public is better informed.

You need to go to an EVWD Board Meeting and get the facts. The SNRC could be a boon doogle and many people are watching. Stay tuned.


MEF - yes I have a full grasp and I answered all of your questions. We need a change, Gilda is willing to give it a shot, and we will all be ok.


Carpet Cleaning Guy - see your paragraph stated "Corporate Profits."


Duh, you said I stated corporate taxes. You are lost Serrano LOL


Getting back to John Timmer....we need a change. Period. In 202 we should have a completely new set of Council Members who can develop the City of Highland business community. Thank you.


Thanks for the rib-rattling laughter!!


MEF - this is local politics in Highland. Thank God we all have a great life outside of Highland where the politics is real! I will send you an email with the California AG's Legal Opinion Office has confirmed no legal opinion has ever been requested or provided that California Health & Safety Code 5470 - 5474 is approved to be used by Burrtec or any other "solid waste/self hauler" but according to Burrtec cities are authorized to use H&S Code 5470-5474 to contract and put monthly billing on the Tax Rolls. Who's authority? Let's make this stuff up as we go?


I’m thinking you must not believe in winning as you are heading for yet another loss with the Burrtec issue.

BTW, what union or other entity is paying you to go out there and lose? And don’t tell me it’s all you on your dime as that is about as transparent as Gilda Gularte calling herself a non- partisan!


MEF - read my letter sent to Betty Hughes regarding the "public records request" dealing with City Attorney Craig Steele's opinion that John Timmer was ok to vote on the Burrtec proposal last summer and Ms. Stephanie Grime's email response (AG's Legal Opinion Unit) that no legal opinion has ever been requested or made as to any "privately owned solid waste/self hauler" can contract with any party in California based on Health & safety Code 5470-5474. There is a lot more to this issue by the AG. Stay tuned. Oh yea, you backed down on the lawsuit regarding the "Community Room" again dealing with the City and Craig Steele. Attorney Steele was WRONG on that one too! I have a copy of the court's judgement in our favor and a copy of the check paid to Frank Adomitis too. Want a copy?


MEF - My effort is on my "dime." No one is paying me.

1. The bottom line, many of the registered voters in Highland cannot afford the monthly cost to repay East Valley Water District's $140M cost to build the SNRC, EVWD refuses to publish on their website any amortization schedule for the $140M repayment? We do not know if it is a 20 or 30 year note?

2. Regarding Harmony again a $1Billion dollar Mello Roos Bond to build out the infrastructure must be guaranteed by the local property owners of Highland. In the event that one of the future 3,602 homeowners defaults via Foreclosure or Bankruptcy then the local property owners get a "supplemental" bill to pay for the loss of "Mello Roos Payment" by the "defaulted" party. The holders of the BOND expect their annual dividend!

3. Someone needs to lay the groundwork with the Board of Supervisors, County Grand Jury, California Attorney General because we do not want to end up like the property owners in the City of Beaumont! I have spoken and met with Mr. Lloyd White the Councilman who reengineered the Mello Roos debacle in Beaumont. This is not my first rodeo.


Come on Serrano! You can’t continue to spew your gobbledygook about EVW all of which baseless. It’s a 20 year note.

You crack me up. You lose so much that you try and high Jack the victory of another and try and make it your own. Adomitis won HIS case against the city, NOT you.

Also, I truly don’t you read the junk you posted above word for word but I do quickly scan what you say to see if there is anything interesting. Since when do you call yourself a Conservative? Hahahah


MEF - carpet cleaning guy as an FYI, I am the one who put Frank's case together and his trial brief and subpoena. I was at the Small Claims Court hearing to support him too. Where were you?

Getting back to John Timmer...we need a change! I am sure John was a good fireman but we need Council Members who are good business people and can grow business. Simple stuff.


Serrano an attorney you are not. Who writes a "trial brief" for a $3,500 small claims case? LOL LOL LOL

So yeah, getting back to the D4 race and your statement below. I am going to assume, based on your statement, you believe Gularte is a good business person and can grow business. If my assumption is correct, please explain her experience in growing a business and what makes her a good business person.


NEF - quit grandstanding. The issue is John Timmer. Ask John Timmer how he plans to grow the Highland business community since he is not hosting any meet/greet community meetings to discuss anything??? John wants to be re-elected but is afraid to have a meet/greet so we can all ask him questions? Wow!


MEF - ask John Timmer what California statute City Attorney Craig Steele relied on and advised him that he did not need to recuse himself on the Burrtec Proposal last summer?

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