July 15, 2020

My letter to the editor...

I am ashamed of you Tony Boswell. You have damaged your noble cause, and your reputation. When you made the statement that “a broken window is less important than a life taken by a police officer” you are advocating and justifying people to commit violent crimes against innocent citizens. You have proven by your own words that you have no idea how the Highland Police is structured, no idea how insurance works, and you have no idea of how devastating the rioting is to people who depend on their storefronts to provide for their employees and families. You weren’t brought up with this blatant disrespect for the hard working citizens of our community. Now you are promoting criminal acts. As a business owner in the city of Highland I am providing a place for income and jobs, available to any citizen and I do not support racism. When you target innocent victims with violence you are damaging the effectiveness of your efforts to make positive change. Shame on you.

Doug Betten


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Excellent letter to the editor! 100% spot on and true! Don't get caught up on the politically correct msm news!

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