Sept. 22, 2020

Dear editor,

It seems one of your letters to the editor writers (Sept. 6) is accusing the AFGE president of lying. I don’t know Mr. Kelley, and I’m not familiar with the American Federation of Government Employees, but I feel the need to defend him if his comments as quoted in that letter are accurate. If so, none of what he says “failed to deliver the truth.”

Your letter writer claims: 1) “Most seniors, people who get benefit payments receive their funds by direct deposit.” This is 100 percent true. But there are still hundreds of thousands of people who don’t. They receive them via the U.S. Postal service.

2) “Prescription drugs are mostly delivered by UPS.” This is just not true. Yes, most mail order pharmacies ship prescriptions by UPS, but the actual final delivery is handed off to the post office (see UPS Mail Innovations).

3) “Rent and other bills are mostly paid online these days.” Again, this is true. According to the most current statistics available, Yahoo Finance reports 56 percent of bills are paid online and by phone, and that percentage increases every year. However, that leaves an awful lot of bills (close to half) that are paid via the USPS.

So if you agree with this letter writer, you are ignoring a large number of Americans who depend on the U.S. mail for their benefits, bills and prescriptions. It seems Mr. Kelley was subjected to unfair attempted defamation by Mr. Dietz.

Also, this letter writer points out that some states are sending “unsolicited” ballots to every registered voter. The ballots that are sent out are not important. What is important are the ballots that are returned. There are stringent checks in place to make sure the ballots are legitimate. The “potential for fraud” is almost non-existent in mail voting and this fact is well documented. Trump continues to push, without evidence, that mail voting will be fraudulent despite his own Justice Department and FBI saying there is no evidence of this. I encourage everyone to fact check his claims of voter fraud and other lies he continues to spread.

Thank you,

Glenda Laguna


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