In response to your Highland Community News editorial in Sept. 27 issue. My two cents as to why the exodus is occurring.

Taxes, regulations, decriminalization of crime, establishment legislators that have no clue what is affecting their constituents and a one party majority in state assembly and senate. With this majority, there are no independent ideas, diversity of thought or courage to challenge the status quo.

Instead, the majority “follows the leader” right, wrong or indifferent. Sadly for this once great state, the leadership will lead the state and its citizens right off the perpetual cliff. It’s been slowly occurring over that last several years. Examples? Overcrowded local jails, AB109; decriminalization of crime, Prop 57, Prop 64; homelessness Prop 57, 47.

The establishment has been very effective fooling the people and their voters with their “snake oil” marketing tactics for each of these propositions along with other poorly written legislation.

The end result? Communities where citizens’ safety is placed in jeopardy, a public safety system that is overburdened with fewer resources, and an overall philosophy that criminal violators will rarely face prosecution therefore perpetuating the idea that there are no consequences for criminal behavior. Hence, you end up with cities and locations that were once rich with tourism, which now succumb to the failed policies of Sacramento. For example, residents of San Francisco, Los Angeles, and any coastal community who have had their surroundings impacted by undesirable shantytowns littered with human waste, disease and narcotics paraphernalia can attest to this.

As a lifelong resident of this once great state, my family and I cannot wait to pull up stakes and move away. We too have been looking at many of the locations listed in your editorial.

RJ Joseph

Highland, Calif.

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