Feb. 6

While walking along Atlantic Avenue near Boulder Avenue I encountered a man struggling to control two dogs on the sidewalk. One of the dogs was black and seemed peaceful, but the other one, a white Husky mix, was obviously agitated by my approach. I tried to pass, but the Husky lunged, snarling and snapping at me and I had to jump back to avoid being bit. I told the guy he needed to get the dog off the street and, instead of apologizing, he cursed at me. I called the Highland PD dispatch and they refused to respond saying this is an Animal Control issue. Huh?? Can this angry man be allowed to walk along our sidewalks with a dangerous, vicious animal that he can barely control? Persons less agile than me would have been bitten.

Jack B.


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We share your pain. We've encountered some real bone-head deputies too. I'm sorry your had to go through this.

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