The previous entire month of racecar articles has been hugely disappointing. Normally I love reading about the rich history of Highland’s war heroes, orange groves, and Native Americans. The recent glorification of racing around local streets ignores a couple serious and under-addressed problems.

First, thrilling activities are great, but since driving consists of little more than pushing a foot lever and turning an oversized nob, the ‘thrill’ of racing comes from the increased potential of death to either the driver or a bystander. The potential is real since drivers kill well over 30,000 Americans every year.

Excessive speed plays an oversized role in those statistics. About Mr. Savage’s racing around local streets Mr. Tillman said, “People in East Highlands would love it.” As a local homeowner I doubt it.

Second, racing on local streets remains a deadly problem impacting us now. Greenspot seems to be perennially covered with broken car debris. I hear the racing from my home nearly every weekend night. Many drivers have launched their cars into walls, poles and trees along that thoroughfare, and on Base Line one home in this city has been struck by at least five different drivers. Not all of these occurred from racing, but racing, speeding and even drifting have been glorified over the last month making it sound like it’s an acceptable activity.

Brent Merideth


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