A couple of days ago I received the following imminent sever alert on my phone from the State of California: "New public health stay at home order in your area. COVID-19 is spreading rapidly. Stay home except for essential activity". The COVID-19 virus is spreading much faster now than it was a couple of months ago.

All non-essential businesses in the Inland Empire are suffering and are forced to close by order of Gov. Newsom except for a major business near my home which is probably the most non-essential business in the Inland Empire; San Manuel Casino. Hundreds of gamblers patronize this non-essential business everyday putting their health at risk as well as the health of the employees of San Manuel Casino.

I realize that Gov. Newsom has no authority to close the casino but it seems that the Tribal members of the casino would do the right thing and close the casino to protect their employees and customers from COVID-19. The casino did close because of the virus a few months ago but has not closed now even though the spread of the virus is more serious now.

State Assemblyman James Ramos is an executive Tribal member and co-owner of San Manuel Casino. He apparently approves of the Governor's shutdown order but allows his casino to stay open. And while his employees are receiving a pay check the surrounding non-essential businesses and their employees are suffering with no pay.

The hypocrisy of elected officials in California is despicable.

Dave Van Buren


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Who do you think funds James Ramos's campaigns all the time and why he always keeps getting elected? Just follow the money. Meanwhile here in Highland the San Manuel Casino, Walmart and Liquor stores can stay open because they are 'essential". Yet our St Adelaide remains closed. This tells us which master the Governor and Ramos serves. Follow the money.

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