Jan. 7, 2020

Bernie Sanders, the man is out of touch with reality. Climate change, global warming or smog had nothing to do with the problems of San Bernardino and the Inland Empire. The closing of Kaiser Steel and Norton Air Force Base and the move of one of the railroad headquarters to Kansas City did.

I for one would like to know about his $40 billion Resiliency Fund. What kind of a hand out is it going to be, as he is so fond of promoting hand outs to any and all? Where will the $40 billion come from?

More taxes on our great middle class, that is barely making it from pay check to pay check, to keep a roof over there heads, food on the table and gas in there car so they can go to work.

The Working Poor will be the ones to pay.

Barbara Riddering


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The squad is supporting this guy and that's all any sane voter needs to know about him and beside I think the DNC will skew him out of the nomination again anyway.

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