May 17, 2020

I was pleasantly surprised to read your editorial commenting on California’s response to the pandemic, which called attention to the loss of many of our liberties as stated in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

This is in response to the Letter to the Editor dated May 9, 2020, regarding the above-mentioned editorial.

I agree whole-heartedly with your fair and measured response to the Redlands writer who wanted to hear from “the other side.” I would also like to respond that he can pick up almost any newspaper locally, in our State, as well as in our nation, and hear editorials from “the other side” every day of the week. In this age of shaming people who present opposing, common sense, not to mention legal, truths, “the other side” has had their say every day for years. Thank you, Mr. Hernandez, for your willingness to speak up for your beliefs, with which many of us agree. The courage to speak one’s mind openly in this time of group-think is commendable, ethical and even moral. Keep up the good work!


Lynnette McDermott


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Isaac Tapia

Dear Lynnette McDermott,

While I might be able to pick up “any newspaper locally, in our State, as well as in our nation, and hear editorials from “the other side” every day of the week,” the purpose of the question was very specific in nature: to determine whether I could pick up the Highland Community News, and whether this particular newspaper has the capacity in terms of staff, via the editors and/or reporters, to publish an equal number of opinion pieces within the opinion/editorial section on a particular topic.

The “fair and measured response” editor Hector Hernandez Jr. provided unfortunately does not completely answer my question regarding the opinion section. While the editor did provide that the newspaper has just one editor, and that the newspaper welcomes and prints letters from either side, our letters and others are examples of this, I am still left wondering whether there are other reporters at the Highland Community News, i.e. a reporter that could publish an opinion piece offering an opposing view from that of reporter Jason Miller, with would result in a Highland Community News opinion/editorial section that has both sides represented via their staff.

I too applaud individuals for their “willingness to speak up for [their] beliefs,” however I also applaud any organization that employs a staff that represent the multiple opinions a given topic can generate, providing theoretically, equal treatment to the views their customers may have. Given your statement that the “other side” has had their say every day for years, I believe you too would also applaud any organization, such as a newspaper, that attempted such a balanced approach as I suggest above, and didn’t have a disproportionate number of opinion pieces published from the staff representing one side over the other. I would say any newspaper that makes such a deliberate effort to employ editors/reporters that are able to publish opinion pieces from both sides, is ethical and even moral.


Isaac Tapia

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