Jan. 3, 2020

Elected officials such as Jesse Chavez are what we get when our wishes as California citizens are overturned by judges who decide that they know what’s best for us. This council infighting is a direct result of the California Voting Rights Act of 2001.

First some history; the majority of registered voters in California voted for, and decided, that city councils should be comprised of folks who receive the most votes in a given election. Sounds fair. Who better to decide the best fit as their city representatives than those who with vested interest in their places of residence. This decision was overturned by a majority of California liberal judges who thought this decision ‘slighted’ people in the minority, namely Hispanics and other people of ‘color.’

When the courts overturned the will of the voters, Californians were forced to divide their cities into districts. This idea proposed that voters would be better represented in the manner prescribed by judges in Sacramento… who have no ‘skin-in-the-game’ in our local communities. This rewriting of the voter’s decision served only to appease the left-leaning faction and further cost taxpayer dollars if a city should be bold enough to oppose those in power. Result? Your voice did not matter to Sacramento. Chavez is the result of watering down the choices in an election by not allowing voters to choose the ‘best of the best.’

Chavez claims he is most suited to represent the city because he is Hispanic, a millennial and lives in poverty, as do his constituents, he says. His claim that being Hispanic means he knows better than non-Hispanics smacks of blatant racism. I can’t help but wonder how badly a Caucasian councilperson would be treated if they chose to spew forth such a divisive comment.

Unemployed Chavez claims he, as a strong supporter of the LGBT community, marijuana shops and sanctuary cities, is the best representative of his constituents. Constituents who are primarily nuclear families that work their tails off to make ends meet, educate their kids and avoid a drug culture that is decimating our neighborhoods. How does Chavez square that circle?

Chavez is quick to point his finger at other council members for meeting privately yet he admits to inviting former Mayor Lilburn to lunch to discuss her supporting his desire to become the next mayor. I ask Chavez, “Why is it OK for you to pierce the veil of transparency in government that you so strenuously support?” Chavez feels entitled to something he has not earned.

I encourage Chavez’ constituents to examine his record. He frequently does not attend meetings on commissions that he is assigned to and rarely, if at all, has brought something beneficial to those hardworking folks he represents. His record of non-achievement should be considered when he asks for your vote next election.

Chavez, may I respectfully suggest you;

➢ Stop whining because you didn’t get your way in the mayoral sweepstakes.

➢ Quit creating distractions for those council members who have given over a decade of their lives improving the city.

➢ Spend your time working for those you represent and spend less time worrying about your next position in politics.

➢ Grow-up and act like an adult by earning your stake in life.

Respectfully submitted,

Jeff Novak


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Well said Sir, well said. I agree with both you and Ms. Jody Scott.


Lol, wow, can we all see how this is so bias! Jeff is the boyfriend of the Mayor Pro tem Penny Lilburn, he is also employed by Penny! She gives him money to survive. Penny Lilburn also appointed him to be a member of the Highland Community Trails along with Jesse Chavez. He ignored the fact that Penny Lilburn violated the Brown Act by striking a deal behind closed doors and ignoring the will of the people and this is not the first time the City of Highland has been caught red-handed violating the Brown Act. This duo is running our city and sucking away all the hard-earned taxpayer money and putting it in their pockets. This op-ed is embarrassing Jeff. You should take your own advice and GROW UP! #PettyPenny #thetruthwillsetyoufree

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