After several weeks having, the newly installed stop signs, at the corner of Plumblossom and Summertrail Place, there are still many cars in the early morning that either just slow down or drive right on through the signs. There have been several that actually saw cars at the stop sign going up Summertrail and went around them on the left side and drove through the sign doing at least 50 plus MPH. The majority of the cars do either stop or almost stop at the signs but there are always those that do not have any regard for the law.

Since the signs were installed the vehicles coming down Summertrail, even if they stop or almost stop, have greatly increased their speed as they continue down the street toward Country Oaks St.. This is now making the danger of kids and people trying to cross Summertrail, to get to or come from Canyon Oaks Park, to be at a greater risk of being hit by a speeding vehicle. We living on Summertrail Place hope that our city will address this situation and add stop signs at the corner of Tiara and Summertrail so that vehicles have to stop there as well making it safer to cross the street.

Peter Michas


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