Please vote for John Timmer for City Council for the 4th District. We have known John for over 30 years and know him to be honest and trustworthy.

John has been serving the city of Highland for many years. He has always considered the best interests of all Highland citizens when he makes voting decisions. In addition to his City Council duties, John donates time and raises funding for the Highland library. He and his wife Carol also give time and energy to their church’s many activities.

The wisdom John brings to the council is based on experience gained while guiding Highland through many challenges. His knowledge of fiscal planning along with understanding what it takes to bring projects to completion is invaluable. A new and inexperienced council member can make many voting mistakes.

We again ask you to join us in voting for John Timmer on Nov. 6 for Highland City Council, 4th District.

Larry and Joyce Brown, Highland

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John Timmer is trustworthy? He accepted $2000 in campaign donations from Cole Burr, CEO and President of Burrtec, and Tracy Burr, Vice President, and refused to "recuse" himself from the Burrtec Proposal to put City of Highland trash monthly billing charges on the San Bernardino County Tax Rolls, without a California Attorney General Legal Opinion on the use of California Health & Safety Code 5470-5474, and you think he is trustworthy. A trustworthy candidate would have "recused" themselves from the Burrtec Proposal vote last summer and would have insisted on the LEGAL OPINION!


Relecting John Timmer for another term reminds me of Albert Einstein who said the definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting the same result.


I am sure John Timmer was a good fireman but he is not a good businessman to grow business in Highland unless you want more "fast food joints!"


John Timmer says Highland has no debt? What about the $59M in redevelopment agency monies that have not been repaid? $11M was used to pay for the Highland Police Department and the Sheriff does not pay any rent or lease monies to use the facility! What about the $11M that was used to "market" the property north of Greenspot Road across from Lowe's?? $11M paid to "market" 400 acres ='s $27,500/acre? Let's do a "public records request" to find out who was paid $11M????


John Timmer is afraid to do a meet/greet with Highland resident's because he is afraid to answer questions about his support for Harmony, the $59M in debt for the redevelopment agency, and the $11M to "market" the 400 acres across the street from Lowe's! Who pays $27,500/acre to "market" property???? The Highland City Council? Who was paid the $11M?

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