Single family and fourplex property owners were truly “duped” at the recent City Council meeting!

There to protest the fee raise for Burrtec (which was put on their property tax last year!) citizens spoke against the action (#18 on the agenda). They could have saved their voices because #7 on the consent calendar the council voted to approve the agreement with the SB Auditor-Controller/Treasurer/Tax Collector for collection of special taxes, fees and assessments for fiscal year 2019-2020!

So, the city of Highland will continue to be a debt collector for a private-for-profit business and the citizens complaints/concerns fall on deaf ears.

To stop the council action, it would have taken 50 percent + 1 of affected properties to protest – even though it is well known that in general elections only 11-13 percent of voters go to the polls.

Property owners with escrow accounts are at risk for IRS or FTB audits if they don’t remove the “waste fee” from their property tax deduction.

Citizens can’t “opt out,” but the council said they could. (They should read the 20-year contract! 10 years are guaranteed unless there is a breach!)

Sorry Highlanders, you’ve lost your right to be responsible for your own property. I can’t wait to see what the council will put next on my property tax bill as a “fee.”

Jody Scott


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As a longtime resident of the City of Highland, I agree that the contract between the city and trash service for our area should not have be decided without resident voting input. If there were and are city residents not paying their trash service fees , this information should have been told to all residents and public discussion and potential solutions should have been the strategy used to resolve the issue. Was there public discussion regarding the number of residents not paying their trash service fees? Now that the contract with Burrtec is final and now we as residents will face another increase in fees, I think residents should get "more bang for their bucks." I would like our district representatives to direct the trash company and the appropriate city workers to go out and start cleaning up the large amounts of trash that is illegally dumped around the city (especially the boundaries between Highland and San Bernardino, and along Orange Street between Highland and Redlands. Why are our district representatives blind to all the litter in shopping mall parking lots, curb sides, around bus stops, streets? It is obvious that our some of our residents, visitors, and those travelling through to other destinations believe it is "ok" to dump and litter. Our district representatives need to fight for an environmentally cleaner City of Highland. Stop being apathetic and looking away. Our city government should set the tone of what our city should look like, encourage all to take pride in their community: neighborhoods/home property, streets, businesses (tell the landlords of property to clean up their business surrounding areas. Please district representatives set the tone, raise the bar, be role models for others, encourage higher expectations for all residents, city worker, and yourselves.

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