Aquinas High School's Nick Hopkins

Aquinas High School's Nick Hopkins, 12 with ball, was unanimously picked as Ambassador League Most Valuable Player for this past season. In 31 games overall, Hopkins averaged 21 points and nearly 15 rebounds a game.

It seemed like a sure thing that Aquinas High junior Nick Hopkins might win this year’s Ambassador League Most Valuable Player award.

After all, it all lined up perfectly -- league championship, top scorer, leading rebounder.

Then there was Savannah Green, a junior defender from Citrus Valley High’s girls’ soccer team -- the side that notched this year’s Citrus Belt League championship.

Hopkins’ Falcons didn’t make it through league play unscathed. Temecula Linfield Christian and Ontario Christian laid back-to-back losses on Aquinas, which wound up playing for the CIF Division 4AA championship.

Linfield Christian reached Div. 5A play, losing to Banning in the third round.

Ontario Christian reached second round play at Div. 3A.

Loma Linda Academy made third round play in Div. 4A.

Throw this in: Redlands Arrowhead Christian turned a fifth place finish in Ambassador League play into a pathway to a CIF Division VII title.

“That’s how tough our league was this year,” said Aquinas coach Dave Johnson, who coached Aquinas from 2005-2010 before leaving for Pepperdine for a few years.

Hopkins, said Johnson, was unanimously picked as the league’s MVP. 

Grant was an automatic pick as first team. Starters Rodarial Abercrombie and Matthew Kyin also made first team.

As for Hopkins, his 21 points and nearly 15 rebounds per game got him unanimous voting as the league's MVP.

* * *

Citrus Valley played through another strong season of highly-competitive brand of CBL girls’ soccer. Void of major scoring threats, the Lady Blackhawks relied on their defensive power to surge forward to a league championship.

Led by Green’s play from her fullback spot, six of their 10 matches came via shutout, while posting a 1-1 draw against Redlands East Valley.

Green wasn’t the only one in CV’s back. Senior Mashayla Leilua and junior Abigail Lium also came from the back, both first-team all-leaguers. Lady Blackhawks’ coach Norma Mendez will have plenty of returning players next season off this year’s All-CBL team.

Citrus Valley surrendered just seven goals during CBL matches.

* * *

As for San Gorgonio, consider this: All four of coach Anthony Elwart’s quartet of all-league girls’ soccer selections -- there’s no second team picks in San Andreas League sports -- were either sophomores or juniors.

It’s something to build on next season, especially coming on the heels of an 18-5-3 overall record, but a 7-2-1 second place finish to Rialto.

Elwart’s all-league sophomore trio, Marizabel Saucedo, Jennifer Jimnez and Arianna Reyes came from either his midfielder or striker positions. Ramirez, a junior, was a defender.



(Individual awards; Redlands schools only)

Citrus Valley

First team -- Amara Juarez, Soph., Diana Ventura, Jr., Amanda Earl, Jr.

Second team -- Elena Ramirez, Soph.

Redlands East Valley

Second team -- Alondra Gonzalez, Jr., Debbra Jedrysek, Soph.


Citrus Valley 

First team -- Audomero Moreno, Fr.

Second team -- Christifer Jimenez, Soph., Justin Ramos, Jr.

Redlands East Valley 

First team -- Jace Gurrola, Jr., Sebastian Gutierrez, Sr.

Second team -- Ernesto Carmona-Garcia, Jr., Noah Sorenson, Jr.


Offensive MVP -- Makenzie Gilmore, Yucaipa

Defensive MVP -- Savannah Green, Jr., Citrus Valley

Citrus Valley

First team -- Abbey Gile, Jr., Mashayla Leilua, Sr., Abigail Lium, Jr., Samantha Smith, Sr.

Second team -- Ashley Johnston Cabral, Soph., Shyler Fry, Soph., Jessica Uribe, Jr., Alexandria Zerbel, Soph.


First team -- Christina Marquez, Jr.

Second team -- Allison Castro, Jr. Ashlynn Lenertz, Jr.

Redlands East Valley

First team -- Maycie Byers, Sr., Breanna Murillo, Sr., Angela Soto, Sr., Lauryn White, Jr.

Second team -- Elizabeth Amezquita, Sr., Cadence Juarez, Jr., Chloe Jure, Jr., Jordyn Pister, Sr.


Offensive MVP -- Garret Lindfelt, Jr., Redlands East Valley.

Defensive MVP -- Jose Rio, Jr., Rialto Carter.

Goalkeeper MVP -- Robert Everhart, Jr.

Citrus Valley

First team -- Noah Lopez, Jr., Daniel Garcia, Sr.

Second team -- Yahir Ocampo, Jr., Carlos Garcia, Sr., Pedro Munroy, Sr.


First team -- Paul Zakarian, Sr.

Second team -- Troy Elgersma, Soph., Kristian Johnson, Fr.

Redlands East Valley

First team -- Blake Dismang, Sr., Cody Bell, Sr., Daniel Starkweather, Sr., Gary O’Brien, Sr., Luca Russo, Sr.

Second team -- Simon Opsahl, Jr., Kieran Robson, Soph.,  Jared Shea, Sr., Ricardo Gonzalez, Jr., Miguel Monroy, Sr.


Player of the Year -- None selected.

Citrus Valley

First team -- Leilani Battle, Sr., Marilynn Jacques, Fr.

Second team -- Angelina Pazzetty, Sr.

Redlands East Valley

Player of the Year -- Shyheim Parm, Cajon.

First team -- Christen Ziska, Sr.

Second team -- Ebonny Staten, Soph., Kaylei Lewis, Jr.


Player of the Year -- Shyheim Parm, Cajon.

Citrus Valley

First team -- Jacob Taylor, Soph.

Second team -- Nathan Coppi, Jr., Daniel Melero, Sr.


First team -- Sam Proctor, Sr.

Second team -- Nico Salvador, Jr.

Redlands East Valley

First team -- DaSean Stevens, Soph., Luke Mathis, Soph., Alfred Lee, Fr.

Second team -- Joshua Ross, Sr., Xavier Chiprez, Sr.


Player of the Year -- Christine Carpenter, Fr., Yucaipa.

Citrus Valley

First team -- Ashley Williams, Soph., Madeline Hernandez, Soph., Isabella Landros, Fr.

Second team -- Elisa Kollar, Soph., Allyson Barlow, Soph., Kathryn Wagner, Soph.


First team -- Grace Deen, Soph.

Second team -- Stephanie Plumb, Soph.

Redlands East Valley

Second team -- Airel Valverde, Sr., Ashley Lewis, Jr.


(Aquinas, Arrowhead Christian, Loma Linda Academy listed)


Most Valuable Player -- Nick Hopkins, Jr., Aquinas.

Coach of the Year -- David Johnson, Aquinas.


First team -- Sheldon Grant, Jr., Rodarial Abercrombie, Jr., Matthew Kyin, Sr.

Second team -- D’Jallon Hannah, Sr., Anthony Smith, Sr.

Arrowhead Christian

First team -- Gabriel Torres, Sr.

Second team -- Bailey Strikwerda, Jr.

Loma Linda Academy

First team -- Elijah Collins, Sr., Quinton Webb, Soph.

Second team -- Isaac Chen, Sr.


Player of the Year -- Chloe Briggs, Ontario Christian.

Coach of the Year -- Laird Musich, Riverside Woodcrest Christian.


First team -- Maya Gonzalez, Sr., Jocelyn Sanz, Sr.

Second team -- Hanna Herness, Jr.

Arrowhead Christian

First team -- Evelyn Caton, Sr.

Second team -- Aliya Rosete, Fr.

Loma Linda Academy

First team -- Besha Osias, Sr.

Second team -- Yuna Jo, Sr.


Player of the Year -- Luca Atencio, Woodcrest Christian.

Coach of the Year -- Spencer Lewis, Temecula Linfield Christian.


First team -- George Florez, Soph., Santiago Merlos, Sr.

Second team -- Peter Morales, Sr., Angel Pais, Soph., Bryan Vieryra, Sr.

Arrowhead Christian

First team -- Simon Kok, Sr., Joseph Thalmayer, Sr.

Second team -- Braden Johnson, Jr.

Loma Linda Academy

First team -- Brian Tapia, Sr.

Second team -- Christian Albarron, Soph., Andrew Bora, Soph.


Player of the Year -- Hayden Bell, Woodcrest Christian.

Coach of the Year -- McKayla Ferrell, Upland Western Christian.


First team -- Noelle Chavez, Sr., Aiyannah Lopez, Soph., Kendrick Robbins, Jr.

Second team -- Marisa Cornejo, Soph.

Arrowhead Christian

First team -- Juliann Lackey, Sr.

Second team -- Carli Calzaretta, Jr., Alice Kok, Soph., Ella Luna, Fr.

Loma Linda Academy

First team -- None selected

Second team -- Leilalanni Verdugo, Soph.



(San Gorgonio selections only)

First team -- Alalahjah Thornhill, Sr.

Honorable mention -- Khaliah Fulton, Sr.


First team -- Dillon Caldwell, Jr., Omar Pineda, Sr., Ruben Reyes, Sr.

Honorable mention -- Marcelino DeLeon, Jr.


First team -- Monae Perkins, Soph.,

Honorable mention -- Julissa Ovalle, Sr.


First team -- Jennifer Jimenez, Soph., Angelica Ramirez, Jr., Arianna Reyes, Soph., Marizabel Saucedo, Soph.

Honorable mention -- Zuri Lopez, Sr.


First team -- Maritza Gutierrez, Sr., Abigail Ramirez-Rivera, Soph.

Honorable mention -- Sasha Herrera, Sr.

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