Some quick questions:

Can you top this? At last weekend’s Apache Invitational, national powerhouse Great Oak, from Temecula, scored wins in both the boys and girls Sweepstakes, Large School girls Frosh-Soph, Large School Girls Varsity, Large School boys Frosh, Large School boys Sophomore, Large School boys JV and Large School Varsity boys.

Congratulations to Phelan Serrano’s girls, which outpointed Great Oak, 23-46, in the Sweepstakes run.

Among the missing from Great Oak’s lineup in that race was Tori Gaitan, the former Yucaipa runner who handed Claire Graves her only CBL loss back in 2016. It’s really, really, REALLY hard to think Great Oak was short-handed at the Apache.

Honest to goodness: Hard-working teams like San Gorgonio or Citrus Valley, or even area power Yucaipa, drill daily to come up with a top-seven lineup for any race. Great Oak comes up with top-seven lineup to fill more than a handful of events.

It’s like having four sets of starting-5 players on a basketball team that goes undefeated, going two-men deep on the bench for each quarter.

The real question is this: How does Great Oak do it?

Great Oak’s longtime coach, Doug Soles, prepped for that job at Desert Hot Springs. He came to Temecula when that school opened in 2004.

* * *

Roman Silva, a 7-foot-1 freshman at San Bernardino Valley, played his senior prep season at Pomona Diamond Ranch (18.6 points, 11 rebounds, three blocks) back in 2016 for a 25-9 Division 3A championship. A couple years later, can the big guy help turn the Wolverines back into championship chaser?

* * *

Did any team benefit more from CIF Competitive Equity than Rialto Eisenhower High? Last year’s seventh place finisher, at 3-8 overall, in the Citrus Belt League football chase won this year’s San Andreas League championship, finishing 10-0.

* * *

Volleyball’s Claire Kovensky, who’s at Arizona State, and cross country’s Claire Graves, who’s the best distance racer at Boise State, came from where again?

Citrus Valley High has produced handfuls of prominent collegiate athletes in just about one decade’s worth of work.

* * *

That Competitive Equity thing, though: Ike reached the playoffs with a 3-7 regular season record, outscored 316-91. Does anyone really think that’s fair?

* * *

Don’t you want to see Aquinas take on, say, Citrus Valley in a girls’ volleyball showdown?

Those are two pre-eminent programs that need to play against each other.

* * *

Where does it fall on the Richter scale that San Bernardino Valley lost a conference cross country championship?

It’s the Big One, folks, because the Wolverines’ streak at 22 straight conference titles was stopped by San Diego Mesa College last month at Cal State San Bernardino.

Something was missing when returning All-American Carlos de la Torre ran fifth overall as San Bernardino Valley’s top runner.

As a reminder, San Bernardino Valley’s a powerhouse program that won five straight men’s State titles from 2006-2010.

The SoCal championships are Saturday at Cerritos College.

* * *

Speaking of Aquinas: What’s the outcome of a 9-1 Falcons’ football squad against 7-3 teams like Citrus Valley, San Gorgonio or Redlands East Valley on the football field? Used to be that the Falcons were the small-school team. Now the Falcons are the little school with big dreams.

* * *

Just where will Cal State’s women reach out for its next volleyball contributors? A trio of seniors, namely hitter Hailey Jackson, defensive specialist Hannah Barrett and setter Jayann DeHoog, will move on.

A real good fit may well be Beaumont senior Kylie Coon, whose Lady Cougars’ squad reached the CIF semifinals coached by former Cal State All-Americans Jessica Granados and Sara Rice.

Amazingly, Cal State normally grabs local talent for its yearly quest for national prominence.

* * *

Speaking of Great Oak cross country, Cal State sports, Gaitan and Graves, consider that if the San Bernardino campus nailed down even a few of Great Oak’s runners, they’d have an automatic qualifier for the NCAAs.

Don’t you think?

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