kailie paramo volleyball player

Kailie Paramo competed in the Volleyball International Festival in Phoenix, last weekend. Coast Volleyball ranked 67th nationally.

Last weekend, Kailie Paramo, granddaughter of Highland resident Richard Paramo, competed against hundreds of teams from across the United States in the 2018 Volleyball Festival International Championship held in the Phoenix Convention Center.

Kailie competed in the 14U, or 14 and under, division of the competition for Coast Volleyball Club based in San Diego.

According to her father, Richard Paramo Jr., the competition was fierce.

“The team worked really hard to make it to this point,” said Richard Jr. “They’ve won a lot of games. This festival will be tough.”

Kailie has only played volleyball for a couple of years, according to her father.

“She started playing softball in the seventh grade,” said Richard Jr. “Kailie did really well in that sport and her mother and I continued to support her in her athletics. Over the last three days, her team has had seven wins and three losses

“We made it through Pool Play, which was held all day on Saturday. All of the 148 teams competed for a spot in the girls 14 youth category for tomorrow.

“Today is Sunday (June 30). There are 24 teams left. We’re hoping for a good showing with the team.

“We won our first game this morning.

“This festival is exciting. The energy is high around the convention center. There are 100 volleyball courts at the venue.

“The coaching that Kailie has received at Coast Volleyball has added another level to her playing ability.

“She’s made lots of friends while she’s been on the team.

“Like all sports, the girls learn character building and how to take direction from the coach.

“It’s exciting to see how the competition brings out that extra fire out in Kailie. It’s something to see,” said her father.

“We are very proud of our granddaughter,” said Richard Sr. “She has worked hard to be a good player.”

“She comes from a long line of athletes in the Paramo family. I’m very happy to be here in Phoenix to support her and her team.”

Coast Volleyball did not fare too well at the festival, despite making it to Sunday’s round of 24 teams.

However, at the close of the national competition, Coast Volleyball did rank 67th, overall, in the national standings.

The Paramos have competed in sports for many generations.

Kailie, like her many relatives in Highland, continues to carry the torch of competitive sports through the next generation, in the Paramo name.

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