San Bernardino Count Sheriff’s Department made eight arrests during three-day music festival at Glen Helen Amphitheater Sept. 17-19.

Six of the arrests were the result of Overdoes Response Team’s investigations. A total of 14 deputy reports were taken (4-felonies, 4-misdemeanors, 3-medical related, 1-incident, and 2-lost property reports.) One subject was airlifted to a local hospital for medical treatment.

Live Nation hosted the three day Nocturnal Wonderland electronic dance music festival from Friday, Sept. 17, to Sunday, Sept. 19, at Glen Helen Amphitheater in Devore.

The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department provided law enforcement service for the event, which drew in excess of 68,386 people over the duration. Throughout the weekend, concert attendees were able to camp at the park, Friday through Monday. It is estimated over 13,000 people camped at Glen Helen Regional Park during the festival.

According to a sheriff’s department press release, over the past several years, San Bernardino County has experienced an opioid epidemic.

“Although this epidemic is being realized by the entire United States, we must concentrate on combating this problem within the communities we serve,” the release stated. “Recently, drug traffickers have been producing counterfeit pharmaceuticals; creating pills which look like legally manufactured pharmaceutical drugs. These drugs contain unknown chemical compounds, including Fentanyl. This has caused a spike in overdoses, including those leading to death. The Sheriff's Overdose Response Team is working with our federal partners to hold suppliers and dealers accountable for their actions.”

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