Citrus Valley High School, hit hard by illness, injury and some no-shows came up second best in a cross country time trial at Redlands East Valley on Saturday, Feb. 11.

REV’s boys, led by Matt Hornung, and Yucaipa High’s girls, paced by Kaitlyn Townsend, returned to prep athletic competition for the first time in months.

Both Hornung and Townsend had ultra strong performances in a team-by-team time trial that served to see the Feb. 27 multi-dual competition scheduled for Citrus Valley’s campus.

Citrus Valley freshman Gabriella Romero found herself among the top guns of Citrus Belt League (CBL) runners. Claiming the fourth best clocking, 19:24, Romero found herself behind a trio of Yucaipa runners that dominated the five-team field.

Yucaipa runners claimed eight of the top 10 spots, the other going to REV’s Ashlyn Walker, ninth in 19:57.

As for the boys, Blackhawks’ junior Jake Caliva ran an impressive third place behind REV’s 1-2 punch, Hornung (14:57) and Simon Opsahl (15:05), with a 15:34 clocking of his own.

The time trials were non-scoring affairs, though if points had been assigned, the Blackhawks’ boys would have came up second to REV, narrowly ahead of Yucaipa.

Lady Blackhawks’ runners, topped by Romero, got top 20 finishes from Hailie Lomeli, Itzel Del Rio and Bridget McNamara in an 11-12-15 result.

Caliva’s 15:34, said Citrus Valley coach Grace Padilla Leong, “is a PR for Jake. We had a few kids PR [personal record] today. We were missing our number two runner, Juan Montes, who had to work.”

She noted that Ethan Romero’s time, 16:29, was nowhere near his PR for REV’s course, which is 15:30.

“I’m hoping to have my whole team here [for the Feb. 27 race],” she said.

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Mia Saenz showed off Aquinas’ depth against visiting Ontario Christian and Arrowhead Christian Academy, with a nearly one minute triumph over teammate Isabella Negrete on Thursday, Feb. 11.

Aquinas claimed the first six finishes against teams that had limited numbers. Saenz scored the win in 21 minutes, 32 seconds on a fairly flat course.

Ontario Christian’s Aiden Voster, meanwhile, posted a course record 16:20 ⎯ 29 ticks ahead of Arrowhead Christian’s Elijah McBroom in a boys chase around the Falcons’ campus.

Aquinas’ Alejandro Ayala, Joshua Bennett and Brian Morales came up with 3-6-9 finishes for the Falcons.

At Aquinas High School

Feb. 11, 2021

Boys results

1. Aiden Voster (Ontario Christian) *16:20; 2. Elijah McBroom (Arrowhead Christian) 16:49; 3. Alejandro Ayala (Aquinas) 17:37; 4. Luke Stein (Arrowhead Christian) 17:50; 5. Brian Wolfe (Arrowhead Christian) 18:00; 6. Joshua Bennett (Aquinas) 18:33; 7. Mario Balderas (Ontario Christian) 18:51; 8. Brian Morales (Aquinas) 19:03; 9. Logan Peters (Ontario Christian) 19:55; 10. Ethan Esproles (Ontario Christian) 19:55.

Other finishers: 12. Emiliano Navarro (Aquinas) 20:12; 13. Nathan Fichtel (Arrowhead Christian) 20:13; 14. Eloy Beccerra (Aquinas) 20:20; 15. Ethan Ramsden (Arrowhead Christian) 20:28; 16. Peter Bauby (Aquinas) 20:50; 17. Samuel Parton (Aquinas) 21:08; 18 Victor Morales (Aquinas).

Girls results

1.Mia Saenz (Aquinas) 21:32; 2. Isabella Negrete (Aquinas) 22:24; 3. Kendrick Robbins (Aquinas) 22:41; 4 Sylicia Murguia (Aquinas) 23:57; 5. Aiyannah Lopez (Aquina) 24:07; 6. Natalie Brazfield (Aquinas) 24:08; 7. Marian Mendoza (Ontario Christian) 24:17; 8. Rosalie Guitron (Aquinas) 24:46.

Other finishers -- 12 Anahi Chavez (Arrowhead Christian) 25:30.

JV champion -- Gia Aldama (Aquinas) 25:03.

At Redlands East Valley

Feb. 13, 2021

Girls results

1. Kaitlyn Townsend (Yucaipa) 18:43.9; 2. Cali Good (Yucaipa) 18:49; 3. Taylor Becker (Yucaipa) 19:14; 4. Gabriella Romero (Citrus Valley) 19:24; 5. Cassidy Jarish (Yucaipa) 19:31; 6. Clarissa Clark (Yucaipa) 19:43; 7. Marisa Cole (Yucaipa) 19:45; 8. Savannah Ganter (Yucaipa) 19:54; 9. Ashlyn Walker (Redlands East Valley) 19:57; 10. Kyla Gomez (Yucaipa) 19:57.

Other finishers (Redlands schools top 5) -- 11. Hailie Lomeli (Citrus Valley) 20:04; 12. Itzel Del Rio (Citrus Valley) 20:07; 15. Bridget McNamara (Citrus Valley) 20:43; 23. Shannon Cockerill (Redlands East Valley) 21:40; 25. Elizabeth Garcia (Citrus Valley) 22:07; 26. Danielle Robles (Citrus Valley) 22:12; 28. Kaitlyn Powers (Redlands) 22:40; 31. Jordan Dennert (Redlands East Valley) 22:49; 35. Jennifer Lopez (Redlands East Valley); 38. Aiyana Harris (Redlands) 23:56; 41. Audrey Yoh (Redlands East Valley) 24:23; 49. Michelle Clark (Redlands) 27:27.

Boys results

1. Matt Hornung (Redlands East Valley) 14:57.6; 2. Simon Opsahl (Redlands East Valley) 15:05; 3. Jake Caliva (Citrus Valley) 15:34; 4. Liam Mapes (Redlands East Valley) 15:38; 5. Brady Woods (Yucaipa) 15:45; 6. Emmanuel Wallace (Redlands East Valley) 15:47; 7. Alex Miller (Redlands East Valley) 15:58; 8. Marcus Shin (Beaumont) 16:33; 9. Dustin Berger (Beaumont) 16:35; 10. Nick Bloom (Yucaipa) 16:39.

Other finishers (Redlands schools top 5) -- 13. Ethan Romero (Citrus Valley) 16:59; 15. Arian Mayora-Ornelas (Citrus Valley) 17:19; 17. Christopher Ontiveros (Citrus Valley) 17:31; 23. Nate Caliva (Citrus Valley) 17:36; 27. Miguel Paz (Redlands) 17:43; 29. Evan Kusko (Redlands) 17:45; 32. Ayoob Amaar (Redlands) 18:06; 38. Brian Sanchez (Redlands) 18:42.

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