Sunday morning, Oct. 28, the Mustangs volleyball team of St. Adelaide Academy was corralled by the Cougars of St. Catherine’s in Rialto.

The team of fourth- through sixth-graders were no match for the Cougars from Rialto, during the Division B volleyball match up at Aquinas.

The first two sets went to St. Catherine’s 25-11 and 25-8.

“This is their second year of playing together,” said Mustang head coach Leo Chrisman. “We’re still improving with every game that we play.”

“Our team shows a lot of potential,” said St. Adelaide’s assistant coach Phil Garcia. “Those girls don’t give up. They persevere, win, lose or draw. What’s great about this team is that they are always upbeat and smiling, no matter what.”

“I’m a fan of volleyball,” said Elba Jimenez, the mother of one of the Cougar players. “My daughter is enjoying learning how to play volleyball. It’s her first year, and she loves it. She’s learning that you have to work as team to win.”

“I think playing is a big confident booster for the girls,” said Mustang mother Melonie Donson. “You can see the enthusiasm in their eyes when they serve the ball and it makes it over the net. When they score, their cheer is genuine. You can’t buy that kind of confidence for your child. For some, it’s their first time making a point in a game.”

Donson came to watch her daughter Abigail play on Sunday morning.

During the game, the teams would volley the ball for several times a play. Each time the ball made it over the net, both sides of the bleachers would cheer.

Chrisman was happy with his team’s performance.

“The team played well this morning. We missed a few shots and some of our serves fell short. We know what we must work on,” he said. “Overall, the team kept their spirits up and gave it their best. Now we’re on to the next game.”

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