Legs don’t fail me now.

That is probably what the San Gorgonio football team’s new quarterback Seth Burbine was saying, as he took the football and ran, approximately 20 yards, to win a 32-26 nail-biter against the Summit Skyhawks on Sept. 5.

Right away, the Skyhawks aggressive with getting points on the scoreboard.

They scored with less than seven minutes left in the first quarter.

San G’s Desi Gonzales recovered a fumble with less than two minutes left in the half, but he first half belonged to Summit who led 6-0.

During the second half, the Spartans were charged to play, and it was evident.

Demajea Mitchell scored San G’s first touchdown, in the last seconds of the third quarter.

The Skyhawks responded with a touchdown by their running back Adrion Boyd.

Not to be out done, San G scored 17 seconds later, from Jaheim Crawford.

With the two-point conversions successful for both teams, the score was tied at 14.

The clock has a little over six minutes to play, and the score was 20-20.

With less than four and a half minutes remaining, Darrin Thomas, a running back for Summit, scored, elevating the Skyhawks to a 26-20 lead.

San G capitalized on a fumble by Summit and eventually scored, tying the game, once again, compliments of San G’s Jaylen Matthews.

The spectators and the coaches were biting their nails, at this point.

The Spartans reared their head and closed the gap, after a dismal first half.

San G sent the ball to Summit, and their returner bobbled the ball.

It was recovered by Spartan defensive back Terrell Foxworth II. This was the game-changer.

Spartan quarterback Burbine received the snap, looked for his receivers, then took the initiative to run the ball into the end zone. It was a spectacular finish to an intense second half.

The Spartans reigned victorious, with a score of 32-26.

Interceptions were made by Spartans Dejon Mitchell, Desi Gonzales, Leo Avalos and Terrel Foxworth II.

“Both teams played great, great defensively, but both offenses put them in bad situations,” said San G’s head coach Rich McClure.

“By the time that the fourth quarter showed up, both teams got tired. Then it’s, they score, we score, and it becomes a score fest.”

Although it is a pre-season game, McClure said that the teams that San G has played have been good competition for the players.

McClure said that he has seen the team’s will to win return.

According to McClure, there were more mistakes than highlights, in the evening’s game.

“We’re struggling with the offensive line, the protection and the communication,” said McClure.

McClure prides his staff on what they do, when teaching the players football.

“We’re complex at what we do,” said McClure. “We expect them to learn, and to learn the game of football. We’re not just going to give them a play and have them execute it.”

McClure strongly believes in the players knowing the fundamentals.

“When you’re in the heat of battle, it [the inattentiveness] shows up.”

Although the win was big for San G, McClure kept emphasizing the need for his players to study and learn the game.

“Both sides showed inexperience,” said McClure. “This age of 7 on 7 in the summer almost works against you. The players aren’t used to the rush or set protections.

“There are now different pieces to playing, and you have the physicality aspect, as well.”

McClure was very happy about the night’s come-from-behind win against the Skyhawks.

Based on national statistics, the Spartan defensive line excels in tackles, 65, and interceptions, 3.

“This win is huge for our program,” said McClure. “I’m definitely happy with how it turned out.”

San Gorgonio is 2-1, in non-conference play.

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