Ho, ho, ho. Happpppy holidays. Santa Dawg is making his appointed rounds during this festive season to dispense gifts. Some holiday wishes he's working on:

--Yucaipa girls’ volleyball coach Amber von Kaenel: Somebody under her roof celebrates a section title.

--University of Redlands football coach Jim Good of Yucaipa: Interim tag is removed.

--Yucaipa baseball coach Ralph Grajeda: Orange County teams take T-Birds lightly.

--Citrus Valley football coach Kurt Bruich: Freddy Fletcher’s little brother (does he have one?) enrolls at CV.

--Citrus Valley boys’ cross-country coach Graciela Leong: A transfer who runs faster than she does.

--Beaumont football coach Jeff Steinberg: Baked goods and a long playoff run.

--Beaumont girls’ volleyball coach Jessica Granados: Fewer five-set matches.

--Retiring Redlands East Valley basketball coach Bill Berich: Golf clubs, a rocking chair, a fishing pole, and a Citrus Belt League title.

--New Redlands High football coach Bob Stangel Jr.: The smudge pot back in the Terrier coach’s office.

--Mater Dei High School: A new football coach, if it doesn’t have one already.

--Area football official Pat Hafley: Quick games, quality tunes.

--Redlands girls’ volleyball coach Corinne Flowers: Team hangs a banner before Julia Tolstova graduates.

--Banning High golf coach John Stockham: More donations, increased success.

--Former Yucaipa High football coach Scott Pearne of Redlands: Smooth rides, interesting vlogs.

--Octogenarian football official Dave Farmer of Redlands: More games to ref, lawns to mow, and tales to tell.

--Former Redlands High assistant football coach John Peale: More “High-Five Fridays” and a section title in Melissa, Texas.

--Beaumont High assistant football coach Jamie Ramirez: “Big Lou” Ramirez and the 1961 Terriers are never forgotten.

--San Gorgonio football coach Rich McClure: Passing grades for everyone and a roster of 50.

--Indian Springs football coach Chris Chaddick of Highland: More victories and scholarships in 2022.

--JoAnn, CR, and Pamela Tetlock of Highland: A stress-free (but not sports-free) retirement.

--Former Redlands statistician Al Sanchez: Memories of John Wooden, Joan Baez and Frank Serrao never fade.

--Citrus Valley baseball coach Jon Austin: A lefty transfer who throws 90.

--REV cross-country coach Matt Sartori: A freshman who runs like Steve Prefontaine.

--REV baseball coach Daren Espinoza: A cancer-free future and a Super Bowl win for his favorite NFL team.

--Beaumont cross-country coach Kendra Medore: A few more Hannah Butterfields.

--Family of the late Redlands Adventist basketball coach Adrian Cruz: We all become more like Adrian.

--Media monster Pep Fernandez of Redlands: Continued success.

--Cajon High athletic director Rich Imbriani: Josten’s remains on speed dial.

--San Gorgonio tennis coaches Mark Figueroa and Patrick Kahler: A new fence.

--Aquinas football coach Jordan Brusig: Another 350-pound transfer with an Aussie accent.

--Citrus Valley football coach Kurt Bruich: A Centennial-free 2022.

--Beaumont athletic director Martin Dusold: More students, more titles, more fans. More of everything, please.

--Yucaipa football coach Justin Price: An extra year of eligibility for Emmanuel “JoJo” Barajas.

--Banning football coach John Tyree: Porsche victories, football victories, the fountain of youth.

--Coronavirus pandemic: Hit the road, Jack.

That’s it. Best wishes to everyone and remember that it’s just 12 shopping days until Santa Dawg’s birthday.

Check out John Murphy on Twitter at @PrepDawg2.

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So nice to have a genuine sports journalist with a great sense of humor! Keep up the good work and Merry Christmas sports dawg!😁

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