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I can't believe the city wasted a $1 million dollars defending the at-large voting process. Basically, the long-time members of the council were attempting to rig the voting process to keep themselves in office at our expense.

4th Pedestrian/Cyclist to die this year in Highland.

3 years ago, the same thing happened. 2 road rage drivers killed a disabled man in a wheelchair at a crosswalk on Highland Avenue.

The San Bernardino DA didn't charge anyone then and they won't charge anyone now.

2 years ago

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Highland's leaders have always promoted Highland as a "Bedroom Community."

Well, the label stuck. No restaurants, bars, or businesses. Just houses and fast food joints.

Article 6 of the Constitution gives the Laws of the United States supremacy over State laws. End of discussion.

Chavez and Solano had the right idea of taking no action. There is no need to get involved in a law created for purely political purposes. This is Sacramento's way of…

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According to HRG Engineering website, retiming traffic signals costs $1500 to $2500 per traffic signals. On the high side, $2500 x 41 traffic signals is $102,500. But the city paid $588,000.

This is why we don't have nice things.

Update: He died the next day, Monday.

The enthusiasm for the Historic District has definitely waned.

The Rohrer building was definitely the heart of the old downtown. The historic area is almost unrecognizable without it.

Traffic Violations

That's the number one complaint I hear around Highland.

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Why this case? The thief stole a credit card machine--which is useless without a merchant account. Many merchant service provider will replace the machine overnight.

There are plenty of victims in Highland who have lost a lot more to a theft or burglary than this business owner. Pl…